Malaysia International Building and Construction Industry Showcase

In sync with the overarching vision of the International Construction Week 2024 (ICW 2024), the exhibition component BuildXpo 2024, will take the spotlight from 22nd - 24th October 2024, in Hall 2 and Hall 3, MITEC KL. BuildXpo 2024 embodies the spirit of innovation, growth, and limitless possibilities within the construction industry.

Exhibitors will showcase their latest products, services, and cutting-edge innovations, spotlighting modern technologies, sustainable practices, and creative solutions. For both exhibitors and visitors alike, BuildXpo 2024 is a platform for growth, partnership, and exploration, transcending boundaries and connecting industry players on a global scale.

Held in conjunction with
International Construction Week (ICW)

BuildXpo 2024 is the exhibition component of the ICW 2024. While ICW 2024 focuses on the conference aspect of the event, BuildXpo 2024 will be the platform for the construction industry players in Malaysia and around the world to showcase and explore in person, the latest trends, developments, and technologies in the construction industry.